Sunday, August 9, 2009

Practicing trailer loading with Nigel.

Now this was interesting. Nigel has not been super interested in getting into the trailer. He's actually made it quite clear that he would rather not.

Part of the reason Kip was so excited to get him was that he really wanted to go to playdays and generally out to events. Nigel's original mom I think taught him to love trailers so I'm not exactly sure what happened. He did travel up here from Cali about a year ago so who knows.. But we really want to get him back to being uber confident.

Again with Nigel it takes him all of about 2 seconds to figure out what we want. Then like yesterday. He just does it.

Kip actually was the one who played with him and sat with him for a while. Then I hung out with Nige while Kip did a few things around the arena.

What I found really interesting was the feeling I was getting from him. I mean he was standing there....he knew he was supposed to. .... and I don't think he was afraid....but he clearly did not want to be in there. . . one time Kip did try to shut the door and Nigel came flying out....we just hung out with him for ages...he'd periodically blow and blow and blow (he is so innately LB. like Pat described once. in that kind of horse their left brain is always trying to override their right brain. so true in this case)

I was thinking of the stages within the friendly game. Trying to assess where he was. I felt like he was tolerating it for sure.....acceptance? I think we did get there when finally he started eating. Then after a good 20minutes he cocked a leg. (let loose?)

Kind of exciting to think of where we can go with this horse when we finally win him over.

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