Sunday, August 30, 2009

Key nearly jumped out of her paddock to get to me!

I was playing with Lil in the big playground (at Liberty!..I could hardly believe that) ...Key's paddock runs very close to the log we were playing with. She wanted to jump out so bad! There is a space where we only have two rails because a gait is supposed to be there. (damn spending freeze). I was laughing because she was tossing her head and backing up and really thinking about it. She didn't do it. . . but we nearly went to get the video camera.

So Liberty in the big playground with Lil. Amazing. We can do quite a few of the level 4 patterns and tasks in the arena, but it is time to test out in the field. Especially since we're rapidly running out of weather. boo hoo. (I guess we should have two more months but this year I don't know)

We got a really really nice yo yo back about 35 feet up a hill to squeeze through the oaktrees. Our draw from that was only at trot but man we could NOT have done that last year.

The close stuff was easy driving 360's...sideways along a log was pretty good too. Even the squeeze game over the log...but I have to admit I was a bit tentative with my driving game.

Attempting a circling game I lost her but it was so worth it because she came seriously cantering to me from FAR AWAY!!! like 75 feet. AWAY FROM THE BARN!!! I'm shaking my head right now. Hard to believe.

We played stick to me with transitions walk, trot, canter, halt etc. all the way up to the arena. I left all the gaits open and she did leave me and went all the way back to the barn. I wish at that point I had thought to use the round pen with the gait open because its way closer to the barn but oh well. Again we had a great draw and went over to watch Kip play with the trailer with Nigel.

Looked to me like they turned a corner. Kip was sitting in a chair near the mid bumper and loading him with just a suggestion. Super cool. He shut the back door for quite a while too and said that Nige was totally quiet eating in there. That was a first! Kip was grinning and feeling proud obviously. He commented that while it was all fresh in his mind he'd like to do some trailer play with Jackson.

Lil and I worked on our Freestyle with 2 carrot sticks again. Got sideways super concrete this time. I checked that one off this morning. Had 4 beautiful relaxed canter laps in the round pen each way and some very harmonious stretchy trot.

(oh and after I saddled her we got 15 laps at liberty at the canter with only one correction to the right. progress. more consistent. and she's even clearer on her responsibility it seems. and fitter!)

I have to say...even after 6 years of being amazed at the Parelli Program. . . I'm still blown away by what you can do when the horse (even in small stages) becomes a partner with you.

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