Monday, August 24, 2009

The Northwood Four (Kip, Nigel, Lil and I ) visited Beth

Kip and I loaded up our two white horses and headed over to beths for a playday yesterday! It was super fun!

Kip had a great success with his horse. He took advantage of the bigger arena and did follow the rail including point to point with one barrel on the rail. Lil and I were the treat dispensers. He got one pretty big buck out of Nige and then some really nice canters. He was grinning pretty huge. Beth and I got some of it on video for him so that was cool for him to see.

I played with Lil a little at Liberty...we are getting a way cool draw at canter from like 45 feet away. In a straight line! And then I was able to back her around a single barrel and draw her towards me over it from like 30 feet. That was pretty dang cool.

Oh my gosh. I rode with 2 carrot sticks... and liked it!!! We totally did a "bridleless" weave at trot. Lil was an angel all through the making up of our routine for our audition. Our sideways with 2 carrot sticks is getting waaaay better.

We played the corners game at canter which was great to be able to do because on the long side she was really galloping so to just be able to keep her straight and stop in the corner...after just a few times she was regulating herself very nicely on a straight line. (we don't have those long straight lines at home.)

Beth rode Lou in Kip's cradle bridle. He looks so handsome in it.

Beth, Kip, Nige and Louie went outside to graze while Lil and I did follow the rail at the canter. Getting closer to check offable. . .

It was so cute when we were all done...Lil gave this tiny little whinny. Like whispering.. "hey guys?...are you out there?" We went to graze for a bit ...

Lovely time!

Beth stood on Louie the other day and I'm so proud of her I have to put this up.

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