Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh many cool things went down this last weekend.

Lil did some flying changes Freestyle* for me! A little crunched around the corner...and not the best look on her face but she did them. And only because she knew I wanted her to. Not because she had to.

It was very very interesting to just sit up there and let the pattern work itself. I had started it at liberty and then just stuck with it Freestyle. And so I was able to just passenger her except to say...stay on this pattern.

She was all happy to do the trotting figure 8 and then the canter figure 8 with simple changes. When she because we had built the pattern at Liberty she realized what I wanted and got tight.....and emotional. But she did them anyway. Like "omg omg omg i don't know if i can do this......" . And yet she did do it. Awwwwww!

Kip had a few amazing play sessions with Jackson.

We've both been doing the same pattern with Nigel. Point to point getting him to canter. Kip and I both had some super fun canters!

Over all it was just waaaay great. waaaay great!

Shout out to Jim and Lisa. Brilliant job on your level 1 auditions.

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