Sunday, April 18, 2010

...Riding Nigel Bridless For The First Time.

Yahhooo! What fun!
I've been wanting to do this for ages with him! I was just trying to be savvy and be sure I was sure. Of course it wasn't that impressive. Firstly we just did yields, walked around, did a figure eight then stood around chatting with Kip. And secondly, we've ridden without using the bridle at walk and trot nearly every ride. I felt like we could have done much more but I figured I would stop while it was soooo good and not try to find the edge just yet.
Nonetheless, taking the bridle off completely is a matter of trust. And I found that I did trust him. We had had a lovely harmonious play then ride. He wanted to do lots of passage Online*. (we're working on that going to the left as well which is getting better) Canter both ways felt great...he regulated his speed perfectly and I just got to sit there.
So, I felt pretty sure.
He really is quite a safe little steed... the worst he's going to do is spook at a deer or something or kick up at the canter. His spooks are usually a quick sideways maneuver and then he's ok. Not much I can do (or need to do) for a one rein stop anyway. His little bucks are totally Left Brained and not very big so they don't scare he hasn't offered one in several weeks.
I was thinking how interesting it is that when I really started riding him he seemed to lose confidence to some degree Freestyle* (on a loose rein). In Finesse* (with contact) he must have felt more secure. Which is weird. I would have thought, considering his Horsenality*, he would have preferred Freestyle. I've noticed that lately, he has been a lot more confident just cruisin on his own. Another one for Pat .... this whole Four Savvys, Building a Foundation thing is important. The confidence and obedience was there yesterday for sure plus Nigel seemed to think it was cool. Which made it even cooler for me.
Now, the ticket is not to assume that we'll start at that point next time.....


  1. Very inspirational! Some day I'll get there with my little horse. :-)

  2. Emma, your blog is so FUN! And this is such a great post that exemplifies the idea that "prior and proper preparation prevents p-poor performance." It reminds me of the first time I rode bridleless, too. It really struck me when I looked down at my horse's head and saw NOTHING behind her ears. Like you said - it is totally a matter of trust, and such an enlightening experience to ask yourself to take that leap of faith. After all, we EXPECT them to trust us all the time!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah from Parelli

  3. Way to go girl (and Nigel)! Love the calm and confident. Keep up the good play.

    Elizabeth from Parelli