Saturday, April 3, 2010

NAPPING! Guest Post by Lisa Overhuel

my husbands horse, jake, is the poster child for a Left Brained Introvert*!!! lol. his favorite pass time is NAPPING, full out, laying on his side, face in the dirt, NAPPING. his favorite days are sunny days, why..........because they make NAPPING even better!! :)

my husband, jim, has been able to approach jake during a nap and lay down with him for a couple months now. he's even had jake lay down in his presence. a couple weeks ago i saw jake was napping and decided to see if he would allow ME to approach him in this vulnerable position. so, using my pat parelli "stroll" i walked out to him. he didn't even look up. i dropped to the ground right next to him and he didn't move a muscle.

i layed down with him and he just kept on lounging. by now jim had come out and took some photos. also by now, my mare, minnie had approached us along with our dog, duke. it was quite the three ring circus (as usual), jim and i, now laying on the ground with jake, minnie standing over us and duke running around us. jake could care less!

we all hung out for probably 10 or 15 minutes before jake decided nap time was over. WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING! a feeling that will never grow old!!

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