Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Openness to Harmony

(youtube link: kip, nigel and passage practice)

Beautiful ride and play with Nigel today. Not perfect...but I loved it because we felt in harmony.

Boy, we still have our on and off days. The session before this was not the best. My fault. I was high on the ride before that and stupidly had the unconscious idea that we'd be starting from there.

I wonder when I'll learn that that is a sure fire recipe for a let down. I need to remember to be open. Open to whatever, where ever our partnership is on any given day. Start at the beginning .... start with the 7 games...start with confidence...then curiosity...then teach/practice something...

Today, I did that. And it felt great. Plus I was riding a lot better. We had some really really good moments at canter and some yummy trot circles. (actually online too. straight on the circle and connected...rope soooo slack)

Nigel did some very good counter canter on the left lead. I was seriously impressed. Also a big marker was the impulsion. Our canter in general has been inconsistently balanced. We need more transitions. Yay for us that we have gotten to the place where that is possible. Got some much better canter walks...(into a very nice relaxed walk)..and a few way way better walk canters. He was even letting me tap him a little with the stick for the take off timing. Usually he swishes his tail or bucks. So this was a nice surprise. Helpful too!

I feel like this game of food dominance I've been playing has improved our relationship. Today was the first day he let me find an itchy spot near his sheath!!!!!! BIG HUGE DEAL!!!!! big. huge.

I love Nigel's soft eye...ears forward...relaxed, confident and nickering yet...but I've got my ears peeled.


  1. Must be something in the air - a couple of my other friends have had the same issue. Expecting this ride to be just like the previous ride. Thanks for your insights.

    ~ Lisa

  2. I too think that I have gotten some points winning the food dominance game recently! I am glad I am not the only one dealing with it!