Monday, February 8, 2010

Boring! Yaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooo!!!!

I just had a few minutes this morning before work. So I figured a little trailer dwell time sounded like a good plan.

Nigel marched right down to the trailer and hopped in. I shut the door. He quietly munched away while I emailed and got my day sorted. I looked up. Still munching. Made a few phone calls. I looked up. He smiled down at me still munching, still quiet, still relaxed.

Figured I'd better test the getting out and in. He got out as soon as I opened the door but confidently. I rubbed his head. I asked him back in. No problem. Back to munching. I shut the door. I was wishing that I had the 22ft line with me so that we could check off trailer loading from the bumper.

No more phone calls or immediate emails so I put in my Ipod and checked the time. I thought, geeze I'm not doing the best job of relaxing and enjoying the scenery. So I looked at the scenery. . . . . . . beautiful trees. . . . beautiful sky. . . . beautiful horses. . . . and the remainder of the half hour dribbled away with me admiring the angel horse in the trailer and listening to Malcolm Gladwell talk about Cesar Millan and body language.

I opened the door and Nigel got out. Even more slowly. I asked him back in and didn't shut the door. He cocked a leg and went back to munching. Right. Boring. Love it.