Thursday, February 11, 2010

....and I fell on my head.

Oh my gosh! What a dork.

Lil and I were playing. Having a grand old time working on our L4 Liberty* stuff. Canter stick to me with flying extremish YoYo Game with back up fast and canter draw.

Here's the thing. It was cold again so I had breeches on underneath my jeans and therefore was not my normal agile self. Plus we'd been playing for quite a while, turning and burning in the deep sand....

We were just getting a really REALLY good draw at canter. Like a war horse, Lil was pretty much as collected and jumping in the canter as she'll ever get. I was running backwards....I just didn't quite pick my knees up high enough and KABLOOIE! Backwards I fell with plenty of velocity to feel the thwack at the back of my head resonate in my jaw.

As I fell, I was aware that Lil was still maintaining gait and direction like a good little partner. Actually, she didn't look that little as I was wrenchingly twisting my head and neck to look up at her bearing down on me.

Of course, she stopped when she got to me. She looked down like, "Huh. This is a new variation." I felt like a real knob. My ego was very glad that we were alone. I also felt extremely grateful that she was left brained and thinking. I got up. Dusted the sand out of my hair and tried to flick it out from the back of my pants. I rolled my eyes at myself and shrugged to Lil who actually didn't seem think it was all that interesting after all. Gotta love that.

To be perfectly honest, this isn't the first time I'd had such a rediculous mishap. When Lil was three (and I was much less savvy and therefore much less safe riding) we had just survived a ride together and I was going to fill up water buckets before I left our boarding stable for the night. Again I didn't pick up my feet and simply tripped over a stall mat falling onto my elbow thusly breaking it with a loud crack.

In that light, I am thrilled that this time no trip to the hospital was required. (even more importantly, no missing any horse time) I have a bit of a stiff neck today but am otherwise none the worse for wear. Additionally, I got a few good laughs at the office. Welcome to goobersville.

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