Thursday, November 19, 2009

For those of you horse behavior junkies.....

Check this out....I was uploading vids from my blackberry today and found this one of Lil from earlier in the summer.

This is how long I have to wait sometimes for her to come out of her Right Brained Introversion. Just watching the video it seemed like forever. 4 and a half minutes!!! This is why when I mention that it took her less than a minute to lick her lips or that I could see an inch or two of tongue its a HUGE deal.

(sorry for the buzzing sound. better just mute it. at about 4min 30 she really comes out of it...if you care to watch all the way until she lays down you'll see her go back to her happy place)


  1. My horse Whiskey (RBI, Arabian Gelding) has been in a similiar state or he will freak out and not lick or blink (then you have to get really worried because he cannot think).


  2. yeah! its wild right? so obvious now..but i remember when i totally missed it. like for years! now if i could only find a quick fix. mostly i just try to help her not go there...or gently move her feet. that vid was a pretty deep one though.