Wednesday, November 4, 2009

and I am glad to be back home!

Well, I made it back from Florida. About 3063 miles from our door to Pat and Linda's.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be there for those two weeks. Just getting 3-4 hours a day of in the saddle time (in a fluidity saddle no less) was a huge gift in and of itself. Add on top of that getting to be around so many dedicated Parelli students all living their dream, plus learning and growing, plus being shephearded through the courses by some very talented teachers and having a wonderful horse to play with.... plus, getting to see and chat with Pat and Linda at their home... I mean really. What more could I ask for? (ok maybe having Kip there too)

I do have to say that coming home this time has been a completely different experience. Having our little Savvy Team as support...coming home to like minded feels good actually. Not so much like being ripped from the fold like it did last time.

I did get to play with Nigel and Lil yesterday. Nigel and I had our best play session yet. I missed Lil so much...and she seemed very happy to see me...but it is a whole different grove with her. Jetti, the horse Pat lent me while I was in FL, was such an extrovert...a very balanced one for sure but an extrovert none the less. Lil is SUCH AN INTROVERT! It is a stark difference. And I find myself struggling to adjust. I love her though...and am so glad to be back to share all I've learned. To be better for her....

A huge thank you to Ann Kizer. From the bottom of my heart. You made this happen and I am so grateful. Big Hug.


  1. HI Emma! Amy and I are glad you hear and read that you had a great time in Florida! SO EXCITING! Your pictures and blog are GREAT.

    Hope to see you soon out at Serenity Stables,