Thursday, October 8, 2009

Acutally, just hanging around......

I've been working a lot over the last few days and so I haven't had much of a chance to play ponies. But, I have had morning time to talk with them and evening time to hang around in the barn. Of course anytime I'm near them, I'm obeserving, comparing and remembering.

One cool thing I've seen is Lil napping with her lip hanging down. I though that that might have gone away for the winter already, but after we played on Saturday... it's back! She has been relaxed, happy and on the lookout for me.

Second cool thing: The other night I let all 7 horses through the gait. She now stops and stands with me as the others go by. I have been protecting her from the higher ups in the herd when she does this.

I wondered if she would trust me enough to get her through the herd and stick to me all the way into the barn. She is usually 3rd or 4th. I wondered if I would be Alfa enough to deliver. Well, without much hassle we did it! I'm pretty sure I got big points for it too. :)

Third cool thing: The other night, I just hung out with Nigel in his stall as he ate. I put my arm over him and watched him munch. As my fingers reached all the way down his other side in a hug, I wondered why I ever thought having a big horse was the only way to go. He's just so small and cute! Yet sturdy and strong with plenty of fancy suspension.

As I stood there, I noticed that he wanted to blow out. Like everyone else was doing. I could feel his barrel under my arm fill up and then he'd let out this little sigh. I thought about why he didn't just go for it.

My feeling is, that he doesn't trust me. He's not afraid of me certainly...... Perhaps what I'm trying to describe is suspicion. He seems guarded. Not in a scared, damaged, super emotional way. Its very, very subtle. He's just not let loose.

As the minutes ticked by towards 30 of undemanding time.... we had those few rose colored moments as the sun set.... and finally, he blew out. He let loose. His body felt different under my touch. Ha! ha! Success! I'm thinking that made a big difference to him.

So for both the white horses and I, it has been a lovely few days even though I haven't had too much time to spend. . . . .

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