Sunday, January 10, 2010

...Having a Video Day with Nigel.

Nigel and I were practicing our "airs". He is now understanding that I want him to stay up there. In the first one on this clip (the best most amazing one) kip didn't expect him to keep going up so he ended up going out of the frame. lol. To me that means he's getting stronger. Also, he's beginning to understand that there is another movement..more the Levade style. This according to my understanding is a 45 degree rear with knees together. I'm trying to get 2 different cues going. One for the bigger Mezair style rear ( much higher and pawing the air) and one for the Levade. I left the rolling at the end so my coach Rachel Jessop* can see more of his horsenality. ...btw, have I mentioned that I love him?

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